Beaches in Novalja
The most popular beach Zrće offers apart from the daily also the nightly entertainment in its attractive clubs Calypso, Papaya and Aquarius. Straško Beach is located in Straško Camp and offers a variety of sporting possibilities as well as the majority of beaches in Novalja. Sandy Planjka Beach is located in old Novalja, 3 minutes by car from our objects and we recommend it highly to parents with children, because its gastronomic and entertaining offer can satisfy everybody’s needs. Beaches Zrće, Planjka and Straško have the Blue Flag. Come and see why for yourselves!




Zrće Beach

The most beautiful and the most attractive pebbly beach where you can use different sporting, recreational and entertaining facilities. On this beach there are famous disco clubs Aquarius, Calypso, Papaya and others, and fun and partying carries on night and day. For extreme sports fans there is the Ski Lift. Zrće Beach has the Blue Flag and obligatory toilettes, showers and the rescue team.


Caska Beach

The beach is sandy and the entrance into the sea is pebbly. There are gastronomic facilities on the beach and some recreational facilities. Parking is free of charge.

Sveti Duh Beach

This sandy and pebbly beach is a part of the Auto Camp. A part of the beach is reserved for nudists.


Ručica Beach

A sandy beach, which you can reach passing trough a picturesque area called Kanjon. This beach is said by many tourists to be the most romantic beach. Go see why!

Planjka-Trinćel Beach

A sandy beach located in the bay of Old Novalja. The water is shallow and warm and therefore ideal for small children. They offer gastronomic services and sporting and recreational activities for the whole family. This beach too has the Blue Flag.


Straško Beach

Straško Beach is 1.5 km long and is a part of the camp of the same name. Some parts are somewhat rockier, but the entrances into the sea are mostly pebbly. A few meters ahead there is the sandy bottom. The beach has a lot of shade because it is in a pine forest. It offers a variety of activities and has the Blue Flag. A part of the beach is reserved for nudists.

Beach Babe
Beach Branjičevica
City Beach